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In most parts of Southern Africa lighting up houses or the businesses after dark is a daunting task. The percentage of the population with this situation is over 80 percent in suburb and rural areas.

Likewise the situation in Malawi is the same by its 90 percent of people with no electricity.

The two most common ways of lighting are candles and paraffin lamps. The issues with these types of lighting are:


-          Paraffin is scarce and expensive specially in rural areas

-          The toxic fumes of paraffin are a health hazard

-          Paraffin child poisoning

-          Many homes go on fire every year

-          Most homes have light for only an hour or two every night

-          Economic burden on the country


Considering the negative impacts of paraffin, the real cost of using paraffin is much more than its price tag so seeking an alternative is a must.

Our plan is about commercializing an alternative to paraffin lighting so that more people can benefit from a clean light solution.

The main reason to insist on commercializing is to avoid seeking donor support so that we can have a sustainable growth on relying less on paraffin and incorporating renewable energy solutions.


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